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Exchange get all users and list names and which database they are located on

At work we sometimes get restore cases on mailboxes where the backup is located on tapes outside of the tape robot. We the have to restore all databases and then manually find which database the user is located on. This is very time consuming and to cut restore time and to make it easier for the technician doing the restore I came up with this script that will export which database the user is located on the specific date. with this information the technician will only have to restore a single database. The script will mail the result as an attachment to one of our function mailboxes and store it locally on the server where the script will run as a scheduled task.

Renew certificate on Exchange 2010



The last day before a week of to Spain with the family the boss booked me to consult her on renewing the certificate on our exchange-servers. With little time and no will to work on my vacation, I threw together this script so that she could perform the task herself.