Bulk create AD users from CSV

In a Facebook group a user asked for a script to create users from CSV, it is very easy:

# $sourceuser store the the user you whant to create users from in an variable
# $import imports CSV in an variable with the users the scv looks like this:
# logon,FirsName,LastName,DisplayName
# klitom,Tommy,Stenstrom,Stenstrom Tommy
# klidoo,Sonny,Ramos,Ramos Sonny
# klikri,Conny,Edwards,Edwards Conny
# $ou specifies wich OU you whant to put the users in. 
$sourceuser = get-aduser klidan
$import = import-csv C:\temp\användare.txt
$ou = "OU=Admin,OU=Data,DC=adm,DC=contoso,DC=se"
foreach ($användare in $import)

New-ADUser -SamAccountName $användare.logon -UserPrincipalName $användare.logon -Name $användare.DisplayName -GivenName $användare.FirstName -Surname $användare.LastName -DisplayName $användare.DisplayName  -Instance $sourceuser -Enabled $true -path $ou -AccountPassword (Read-Host -AsSecureString "AccountPassword") -ChangePasswordAtLogon $true }