Create custom Nano server 2016 VHD

Create nano server







I built this script so people easily can get a start and try their Nano server 2016 within a couple of minutes. I have only tried it with Windows server 2016 Technical preview 4. It is pretty straight forward the script launches a windows where you can name your server and check the functions you want, add the disk image och create the server:

1. Enter namne of VHD
2. Check the functions you want to add and press button add server, you can add multiple server if you want to.
3. Press button Add Disk Image to point out windows 2016 iso.
4. Press button create servers to start building VHDs.
5. Enter Administrator password
6. You ne VHD will be stored in C:\Temp_NanoServer

I have not tried all functions, hopefully they all work.