Find users using printer server

Right now we are disposing  two old printer servers that we thought no one were using. After we began to log all prints we noticed that it still was hundreds of users using the old printer servers. We could link some of the prints to an old GPO with an VB logon-script but most of the users have probably mapped the printers manually, therefore the client-guys needed a list of users who had users the printer server the last 90 days. First of all you need to start logging all prints, to do so on an Windows 2008 R2 start Print Management and right-click on the server and select properties and check Log spooler information events.



Now you just have to wait 90 days and then run this script to get an report of which user that have users printer server.


Bulk modify AD users from CSV

The last post showed how to create AD users from CSV, here is how to bulk modify attributes from CSV

Bulk create AD users from CSV

In a Facebook group a user asked for a script to create users from CSV, it is very easy:

Count users from AD groups

countThis week I got involved in a project regarding licensing on our remote desktop servers. In phase one I had to do a current situation analysis on how many users that can access our different servers. Since we have 5 different departments the project manager also wanted to have information of how many users the different departments had on each server and a separate excel document for each department with all their users listed. The project manager also hinted that in phase 2 after we made actions and before each license audit we might have to create new reports. Since I am lazy and don´t like to manually create reports I made a function in Powershell  where anyone with the active directory-module can create reports.